LBank Korea initiated the signing ceremony, and DAEX is going to provide the underlying technology service for LBank Korea!

Source: 2018-12-14

December 8th, 2018, Zhang Hua, the CO-Founder of DAEX; He Wei, the CO-Founder of -LBank; and Zen Kim, the representative of LBank Korea jointly participated LBank Korea Signing Ceremony. In the event, DAEX announced that it would provide underlying technological services, including the Exchange System Service, and DAEX Wallets For All Digital Assets, etc, for LBank Korea. DAEX also has signed the strategic cooperation agreement with LBank. The three parties claimed that the cooperation is necessary based on the current marketing trend, and they would further deepen the cooperative relationship after the event. Furthermore, it has been emphasized that all three parties also agree to promote the healthy development and prosperity of the digital assets market by utilizing their own advantageous strength.

Recently, Korea has heavily concentrated on the future development of the blockchain and digital assets, and Korea has become the one of major digital assets market and also major target of multiple oversea exchange platforms. As the world top digital assets exchange platform, LBank has provided secure, professional and convenient exchange services, investment business and financial business for all global users. LBank has launched Global Partnership Business Program, and set the first station in Korea. LBank also authorized the Korean communities to use its brand and established LBank Korea joint ventures.

LBank Korea would be responsible for the LBank’s brand operation in Korean market, and it is an indispensable strategic step for LBank Exchange platform to further develop the oversea markets. In near furture, LBank would also seek the partnership in the South East Asian region and the deploy the layout of local exchange business model, as well as further accelerate the globalization process of the platform.

In the ceremony, Eric He, the CO-Founder of LBank, claims that the exchange plays essential role nowadays in the development of blockchain. However, the lack supervision and industry standards is causing increasingly serious problems, while the market for the exchange is expanding. The market needs more trustworthy, more technical, secure and moral exchanges, to promote healthier development of the market. It is believed that the cooperation would deliver infinite possibility for the team, and consolidate the foundation for the global development of LBank.

At same time, Zen Kim, the CEO of LBank Korea, also proclaims that he would delopy the most suitable marketing and business plan based on Korea market’s characteristics and LBank’s years of the exchange operation experience. It is also emphasized that he would promote LBank to the world starting, from Korea.

As the most cutting-edge blockchain solution, digital asset exchange and management system provider, DAEX Blockchain would provide underlying technological services, including the Exchange System Service, and DAEX Wallets For All Digital Assets, etc, for LBank Korea.DAEX also has signed the strategic cooperation agreement with LBank.

Hana Zhang, the CO-Founder of DAEX, believes that Korea, one of the Asian major economic center, is crucial region for LBank Global business development. With DAEX’s blockchain technology, enriched operation experience, it is believed that the cooperation LBank Korea would bring the infinite possibility for the whole team. As the most professional technical team, DAEX is happy to provide service to the professional exchanges such as LBank and LBank Korea, and provide technical support and operation guidance.

In addition, Dailylab,which is the Korean partner of DAEX, would be responsible for LBank Korean market. J.H.Hong, the Founder of Dailylab, will be COO of LBank Korea.

DAEX Blockchain will closely work with global leading blockchain institutions and jointly establish digital distributed clearing ecosystem and promises to provide leading and professional blockchain technological consultation, exchange and risk control system, and distributed clearing as well as custody solutions to its more partners.

DAEX expects to work with more partners, and investment institutions domestically and internationally and hopes to develop the blockchain industry in-depth with other partners and institutions, for the prosperity of the industry.

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