Block Battle Roundtable Conference in Korea | The future of digital currency trading, we are on the new start point.

Source: 2018-12-03

On November 16, 2018, Zhang Hua, the Co-Founder of DAEX, took part in Block Battle Conference in Korea. As one of the roundtable guests, she shared ideas upon the theme of “Blockchain Ecosystem” with CEOs of various famous exchanges. The discussion is intensive and inspiring that it has yielded the fruitful and innovative result.

About Block Battle Conference

Block Battle Conference is jointly organized by Asian Economic TV and other blockchain companies in Korea. The conference, which was successfully held in November 16th in Seoul, live-streamed the speech and roundtable discussion on TV that attracted many blockchain companies to participate and share the latest information of blockchain industry.

At that night, the final of Block Battle was live-streamed, the program has attracted many blockchain projects to sign up, and also got attention from many people who work in the blockchain industry. The show is very popular in various regions, including Korea, China, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam etc.

Roundtable Discussion — “The Future of digital currency trading”- Platform coins, IEO, exchange mining.

Q1. What kind of role does the exchange play in the blockchain ecosystem?

Zhang Hua: The exchange plays a vital role in the blockchain ecosystem. Not only do they provide a platform for cryptocurrency transactions, exchanges between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, but they also store a large number of digital assets from users; they can even decide which tokens are eligible to be listed on their trading platforms. However, as an early investor in the exchange, after three years of management and operation of the centralized exchange, I deeply felt that the central exchange was “the burden on the shoulders was really heavy”.

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In my opinion, with the future development of this industry, the exchange will be subdivided into the following two branches:

1. A centralized exchange that obtains business licenses and can exchange currency and digital currency;

2. A distributed exchange that combines centralized transaction management with distributed asset custody and clearing.

Q2: What is the benefit of issuing the exchange’s platform coins for users? I heard that the exchange has trading volume fraud in the early days of the line. What plans and countermeasures are there to prevent these transactions fraud?

Zhuang Hua: Platform coins issued by the exchanges are not only “shares”, it rather represents the right of everyone who devotes themselves to the blockchain industry. Such fraudulent trade is really hard to eliminate in the blockchain market, however, it is worth trying to establish new rules, like creating a business regulation in the stock market.

Q3. If the platform coin could share the profit, does not it have any problem with the law?

Zhang Hua: it depends on the registration and operation regions of the company.

Q4: IEO is called the indirect ICO, which is the transformed version of ICO. In your opinion, what is the difference between these two?

Zhuang Hua: Frankly speaking, I believe there is basically no difference in IEO and ICO, it is merely a different way of marketing.

Who’s the next SATOSHI?

Perseverance will be the key to winning in two years. We are on a new starting point.

Zhang Hua: Bitcoin dropping below $5,000 is by no means the worst thing I’ve ever seen. The bear market ends when most people are desperate, and the bull market ends when most people are crazy.

Compared to absolute gains, market volatility and industry infrastructure improvements are the basis for increased liquidity and a new round of bull market, and price increasing is just the catalysts. And we are on a new starting point.

The market of 2013 and 2014 years is no better than it is now, so what we are experiencing now is only some of the necessary tests in the revolution. The future of the blockchain industry is due to a group of people who are credible in the blockchains companies that endeavors to transform existing business and social models. Perseverance is the key to winning in two years. Opportunities are only reserved for a calm, calm, and decisive team.

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