Singapore Fintech Festival | DAEX: Focus on the innovation and technology of blockchain Industry

Source: 2018-11-21

On November 15–16, 2018, Jason Tang, DAEX Co-Founder and Chief Architect, participated 3rd Singapore Financial Technology Festival and walked into the 80RR Innovation Lab on behalf of DAEX. He delivered a speech based on the theme of “Technical Innovation and Investment Driven By Blockchain”, and shared what DAEX, as a leading provider of Blockchain solution, digital assets exchange, and management system solutions, achieves lately and what kind of new theory does DAEX has in the respect of blockchain technological innovation and investment.


Fintech Companies gathered in Singapore and share insights for future

The Fintech Festival was jointly organized by Monetary Authority of Singapore and Associations of Banks in Singapore, and it was called as the world largest Fintech festival.


The Festival lasted five days, and it included the Global Financial Technology Acceleration Competition Exhibition Day, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Financial Summit, Financial Technology Awards Ceremony, Visiting Innovation Labs, Seminars, etc. it also covers 9 themes including capital markets, infrastructure financing, blockchain and distribution, ledger technology, payment, network security, RegTech, and financial inclusiveness. The festival attracts financial technology regulatory authorities and financial technology experts from 10 countries in Southeast Asia, as well as blockchain industry pioneers, opinion leaders and technology masters from 40 countries including China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Europe, etc. The number of participants reached more than 35,000.


“80RR Fintech Hub SG”(80RR) Lab, jointly organized by Monetary Authority of Singapore, Singapore Fintech Association, Hong Leong Holdings Ltd, opens 25 booths to provide roadshow and communication platform for innovative companies of different nations, regions and backgrounds, such as Asian Development Bank, Singapore Government Technology Agency, Oracle, PolicyPal, Hong Leong Bank, Tryb, Crypape Inc, Imtoken, DAEX etc. They comprehensively presented and recorded, with honesty and marvelousness, the most controversial discussion, discovery and conflict in this century.

“DAEX” Speaks: Industry innovation and technology concentration

Current blockchain industry status is from 0 to 1, and it is fundamentally completed.


Co-Founder and Chief Architect of DAEX, Jason: The blockchain has experienced ten years of controversy and development. From 0 to 1, it has gradually formed a complete industrial chain system, from upstream hardware manufacturing, infrastructure facilities, security services, to downstream technology applications, and investment promotion. financing, media community, talent service, and the whole industry work together.

DAEX walks on the path to the future in full effort. It is dedicated to building most secure and reliable blockchain clearing and settlement service as well as custody service.


Jason: DAEX develops four major products and services based on the enriched experience in the industry, and products and services are as following:

The first is the blockchain technology application and consulting for the platform as BaaS.

The second is an advanced digital asset exchange system solutions.

The third is distributed clearing, settlement and custody solutions, including DAEX clearing chain, enterprise-grade wallet for all digital assets, DAEX PAY hardware wallet.

The fourth is regulated, risk control and secure third-party service in the blockchain realm.

“Magnate” speaks: As for the innovation of a company, the human is the key

On the morning of the 15th, upon the theme of “When the ‘magnate’ seeks the partnership with startup companies, what values the most?, the government institutions, great corporates and startups from Singapore, including Singapore Fintech Association, United Overseas Bank (UOB), Singapore Government Technology Agency, PwC, and Coris asset Management, express their opinions.


They believe:

- The executive ability of a team is the key. Everyone believes that “human ”is the major factor.

- The startup should be innovative. The representatives from UOB believes the new business model would be developed only if the company is creative and innovative.

- Different parties need to complement each other so that can commonly develop its capacity and improve competitiveness. For instance, the startups can help big corporates to improve business efficiency, and despite the investment to the startups, big corporates can provide resource access and legal services.

China-Singapore Blockchain Communication: technological innovation and favorable cooperation.

Afternoon of November 16, Zhongchao Blockchain Technology Institute host a closed-door meeting with Singapore blockchain companies and Chinese blockchain companies in 80RR. In spite of introducing the development of blockchain realm, both sides also discussed the encountered obstacles in the blockchain development, the development direction of the blockchain, and the cooperation between Singapore and Hangzhou, which are aimed at building an international financial technology center.


DAEX team will work closely with the world’s leading blockchain industry leaders to establish a digital asset distributed clearing ecosystem designed to provide users with leading block technology consulting, trading and risk control systems, distributed clearing and custody solutions. We look forward to more sincere and favorable cooperation with more partners in the field of blockchain and investment institutions at home and abroad and jointly deepen the prosperity of the industry.

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