Who is the next Satoshi|DAEX Co-Founder Hana Zhang is invited to attend the Korean Block Battle TV Show

Source: https://medium.com/@DaexBlockchain 2018-11-16

On November 16, 2018, DAEX Co-founder Hana Zhang will participate in the Korean Block Battle TV Show as a round table guest, and discuss and dialogue on the theme of “Blockchain Ecosystem” together with the CEOs of many well-known exchanges. In addition, she will share topics like how to empower the blockchain, and how to seek balance between development, security and stability in the respect of innovation and development.

The program was hosted by Asian Economic TV media together with many well-known blockchain companies. Since the first season, it has attracted many blockchain project registrations, and has earned the attention of the blockchain industry in Korea.

Blockchain startups can sign up for the battle, and the winners will receive huge investments and priority listings on well-known exchanges. In order to ensure the quality of participation, the Korea Blockchain Industry Association and the Korea Blockchain Entrepreneurship Association will conduct a rigorous review of each application.Also the experts in blockchain industry will also serve as a judge to make their own fair and professional judgments and evaluations, such as Korea University, Dongguk University, Ddengle, Bitman, Moneynet, etc.

We will keep following on the Conference, and will post the latest information on the conference.

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